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Another Extension [17 Apr 2009|11:50am]

Please guys, don't make me beg.
Again, only one person has entered. If you're a member (or not) please enter this first round.

The Pilot Challenge

Is extended until Monday, April 20th. Please enter!!!!

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Challenge One Extension [12 Apr 2009|01:23am]

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Seeing how only  one person has entered so far (one person, really?), I'm pushing back the deadline to the Friday, April 17th.
Please enter because if this first round bottoms out, I'm a bit disinclined to keep the community going. Please enter!

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Challenge #1 Reminder [06 Apr 2009|07:09pm]

Challenge #1 "Pilots" is due this Friday.
Only one person has entered so far so we definitely need more entries!

Enter Here!

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Round #01 - In the Beginning [30 Mar 2009|02:36am]

For the first round, theme is pilots.
Now, while not all of the future rounds will be multi-fandom, this one is.
Icons are due by Friday, April 10th

your challenge awaitsCollapse )

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Welcome! [28 Mar 2009|03:40pm]

Welcome to the new teentv_icontest !!!
In this contest, we will have icon challenges based on such shows as One Tree Hill, Skins, Gossip Girl, Dawson's Creek, The OC and Veronica Mars.  Our first contest will begin on March 30th. Hope to see you there!

If you would like to affiliate, please reply to this post!

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